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Cefaly will help change your life:

This very pleasant treatment will prevent pain, clear your headache and through its relaxing programme will relieve anxiety and stress.

There is nothing worse than having your life ruled by migraines, tension headaches, cluster headaches, frontal sinusitis or trigeminal neuralgia.
There is nothing worse than feeling anxious and stressed .

This clinically proven ISO certified medical device will help you get your life back!

CEFALY is an electronic treatment, 20 minutes in duration, for people who suffer from migraines, headaches. frontal sinusitis, trigeminal neuralgia or stress. It is easy to use, comfortable to wear and gives the user a very pleasant experience.
The treatment is based on electronic impulses which are very specifically applied to the principal trigeminal nerve, which runs down each side of the front of the face.

Cefaly is the first anti-migraine / anti-headache device to be given an ISO medical certificate.

For Prevention
A prevention programme increases the production of endorphins (natural painkilling chemicals) and thus enables the body to help fight the head pain using its natural resources.
Results: the headaches are less frequent.
For Reducing or Stopping Medication
There are no side effects with a Cefaly treatment. Therefore, it will replace or greatly reduce the need for medication which can become habit-forming and has many unpleasant side effects
For Treatment
A treatment programme will block and relieve the pain during an attack
To Fight Stress
An anti-stress programme leaves the user relaxed with a strong sense of well-being.

Cefaly - your drug-free answer to migraine, cluster and tension headaches. EU product. Clinically tested

Safetox - get rid of those wrinkles within six weeks and it only takes 5 minutes a day! EU product. Clinically tested.

Safetox - get rid of those wrinkles within six weeks:

Safetox has now been featured by Vogue.com online. It has also been featured in the Sunday Independent (22nd June), Sunday Times Style Magazine (15th June). It has also been on TV – The Gadget Show, Channel 5 (2nd June) – where it was voted 2nd most popular new beauty treatment that people would like to buy.

It has also sold out at Selfridges!

Safetox is an electronic device that reduces the wrinkles on the face by working on the underlying muscles over which the skin lies.

We have two sets of muscles that are important to the outlook of our face:

  • the set of muscles at the back of the head which is responsible for keeping our skin pulled tautly over our face – giving us a youthful and open face, and
  • the muscles over the forehead that are used by us all the time for our facial expressions and which are the cause of the wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes

As we get older, the muscles of our forehead become stronger through their continuous use and become the dominant muscles. Those at the back of our head become weaker and gradually, together with the ageing process, our skin becomes looser and our face develops wrinkles and becomes “closed” (slightly drooping and crumpled).

Safetox “discourages” the muscles on the forehead from working so hard and “encourages” those at the back of our head to return to their more dominant role. In a short time the face will “open” (lift and brighten) and wrinkles will become noticeably reduced.

Clinical tests have proved that with after the first 5 minute session with Safetox, wrinkles will be reduced by as much as 8.5%. After carrying on the treatment for several weeks, tests have shown that it will achieve a reduction of up to 81% in both the depth and length of our wrinkles*.

The device itself is simple to use – clean the forehead, place the patch, place the device (a bit like a pair of glasses) and then press the button to start the treatment. The feeling is strange to the novice (a prickling, tingling sensation) but not painful. Start on level 1 and then over a few days progress to level 3 which is where the real work is done. The treatment is timed and Safetox will bleep when the treatment is over.

For the quickest results use the Safetox for five minutes at level 3 at least once a day. However, the same results can be achieved over a longer period of time if Safetox is used for a minimum of three 5 minute sessions at level 3 per week.

*the average reduction is 65%.

Cefaly - your drug-free answer to migraine, cluster and tension headaches. EU product. Clinically tested
Safetox - get rid of those wrinkles within six weeks and it only takes 5 minutes a day! EU product. Clinically tested.

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